Dr. Don Flynn SAAC Award

Points are awarded to varsity teams and athletic groups for the following reasons: SAAC meeting attendance, participation in campus events and programs, supporting fellow athletes and highest team GPA per semester. Points are totaled at the end of each school year and teams are awarded in the yearly athletics' banquet.

2014-15: Softball
2013-14: Baseball
2012-13: Women's Tennis
2011-12: Women's Basketball
2010-11: Baseball
2009-10: Women's Volleyball
2008-09: Women's Soccer
2007-08: Women's Basketball
2006-07: Sports Medicine
2005-06: Women's Basketball
2004-05: Women's Soccer


Dr. Don Flynn SAAC Award Point System
I.  Attendance at Monthly SAAC Meetings:

2 points for full representation at a meeting

1 point will be deducted from each team for zero attendance or failure to provide a substitute representative

II.  Participation in Campus SAAC Events

5 pts for team participation
    - 60% participation for teams larger then 10 athletes
    - 80% participation for teams with less then 10 athletes

2 pts for partial participation

III.  Participation in Mandatory Programs and Speaker Events

10 points for full participation; 100% attendance

IV.  Athletes Supporting Athletes

1 point for each player present at a Philadelphia University Sporting Event

V.  Highest Team GPA

Top three teams with the highest team GPA's following both the fall and Spring semesters will receive:  3pts. for highest GPA, 2pts. for second highest GPA, and 1 point for the third highest GPA.

VI.  Highest Winning Percentage

Top three teams with the highest winning percentage throughout the entire school year will receive 3pts., 2pts., and 1 point respectively based on their winning percentage. Points will be awarded at the end of the Spring Semester.

VII.  Additional Points

Additional Points ranging from 1-5 may be awarded to teams or team members who demonstrate exemplary behavior through game attendance, volunteering, or participation in meetings and events.

Flynn SAAC Award Activity Form