Athletics Hall of Fame

Established in 1983, the Athletics Hall of Fame honors and perpetuates the memory of those individuals, who either through participation or support, have made outstanding contributions to the University's athletics programs.


The 2020 Jefferson Athletics Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony has been postponed. Click here for more information.

The 21st class of inductees includes: Lorraine (Lasorsa) Ford '85, Karen Parker-Pollitt '84, Carlton Poole '70, Joe Ryan, Tayron Thomas '06, and the 1992-93 Men's Basketball Team. They will be inducted in the biannual ceremony on a date to be announced.


The athletic department promotes excellence both on and off the court. The Hall of Fame highlights some of the best student-athletes from the University’s athletic tradition.


  • Eligibility shall not begin until five (5) years after a scholar-athlete has graduated.
  • Any alumnus/ae, who has earned a letter in any varsity sport(s) or has superior accomplishments, is eligible for nomination.
  • The nominees shall be chosen on the basis of playing ability, integrity, sportsmanship and contribution to the team on which they played.
  • Nominations may include individuals who do not qualify as alumni or athletes but have made a significant achievement to the athletic program (coaches, managers, contributors, etc.)




Class of 1984
Charles "Chick" Barnes '58
Barry Barto '72
Walter "Buddy" Harris '74
Herbert Magee '63
Cleveland Smith '67
Ann Striffling '76
Dr. Edmund Zavaglia '54

Class of 1985
Walter "Bucky" Harris
Morey Kaplan '57
Dave MacWilliams '79

Class of 1986
Walt Chyzowych
William "Billy" Harris '75
Edward Mostak '85

Class of 1990
Gordon Cholmondley '72
Bob Durham '73
Bob Ludwig '71
Joe Memoli '67

Class of 1991
Sean Fryatt '85
Tim Killeen '83
Steve McLean '84
Steve Perillo '84

Class of 1992
David Banks '92
Guy Furfaro '89
Steve Starcevich 89

Class of 1994
E. "Menchy" Goldblatt
Dr. Bertrand Hayward
Junius Johnson '64
Vincene Morris '86

Class of 1996
Bernard Burke '82
Lorraine Harris
Mike Kerrigan '91
Kenneth Place '83
Harry Pure

Class of 1999
Tammy Greene '94
Randy Stover '92

Class of 2002
James Edwards '77
Vicky Haddy '80
Tom McDonald '81

Class of 2003
Adrian Brooks '79
Diana Trzaska '96

Class of 2004
Dick DeLaney
David Fields '95
Bob File '98
Dr. James P. Gallagher
Darlene Hildebrand '95

Class of 2005
Theresa Carroll '00
Peter Pappas '94
John Pierantozzi '70
Jaime (Schoeffling) Bula '00
Elson Seale '76

Class of 2006
George Forster '78
Eugene Haith '95
Pat Morris '99
Karen Wusinich '99 M'01 

Class of 2007
1970 Men's Basketball Team
Melissa DerPilbosian '98
Mike Louden '89
Tom Shirley

Class of 2010
David A. Gingras '69
Adrienne Reese '02
Dave Heineman '92
Bob Lockyer '68

Class of 2012
1958 Men's Basketball Team
Jim McGilvery '70
Monica Sortino '98
Janet (Tarpey) Trinh '04
Vince Wolanin '69
Chris Netzel

Class of 2014
1986 Women's Basketball Team
Gary Kraus '89
Nancy (Baksis) Wills '93
Brian Lee '94

Class of 2016
1990 Baseball Team
Bruce Shively '72
Stephanie (Sarin) Gillin '02
Samara Speakes '05

Class of 2018
Bill Banks '73
Maribeth (Rogers) McCallion '84
Shaun Babula '99
Jean Marie (Reilly) Torpey '04
J. Thomas Becker