Why We Are The Rams


as reported by John Steen '59
Recipient of the Leader of Innnovation Award in 2010

It was February 1958 and we were playing St. Joseph's at "Hawk Hill" for the first time. As Textile's official scorekeeper, I'm sitting courtside and listening to their cheerleaders chanting, "Knit one, purl two, Textile yoo-hoo". Everyone's laughing and I had enough.

The next morning at 8 a.m. I went to see President Hayward. I told him the story and told him that we needed a good masculine mascot. He asked me what I thought. Although I wasn't prepared for that question, I immediately said that we should be called the Rams. President Hayward replied that he thought that was a good idea. He said he always had respect for me and knew that I was sports editor of the school paper and reporter to the Inquirer and Evening Bulletin and he told me, "John, go with it".

Today we have a big Ram in front of the school as a result of that one meeting with President Hayward. And, that's how it happened!