Ole! Ingram Becomes First PhilaU Athlete to Receive Notification of Fulbright Scholarship

Malcolm Ingram
Malcolm Ingram

Ole!  Ingram Becomes First PhilaU Athlete to Receive Notification of Fulbright Scholarship
By:Sarah Punderson for PhilaU Athletics

March 27, 2010 was a day Philadelphia University senior Malcolm Ingram had been anxiously awaiting for a long time.  He finally got the envelope.  The big envelope.  But this time it wasn’t for his college acceptance letter, Ingram had gone through that four years earlier.  Now the package had ‘Fulbright Scholarship’ written on the return address. 

Ingram recently became the first PhilaU men’s basketball student-athlete to receive notification that he will be awarded a Fulbright U.S. Student Program grant.  He plans to study in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program offers a one-year fellowship for U.S. graduating college seniors, graduate students, young professionals and artists to study abroad.    

PhilaU Men’s Basketball Head Coach Herb Magee was the first to call Ingram.  Magee noted that in his 43 years of coaching at the University he had never had a player go on to receive notification that he would receive a Fulbright Scholarship-until now. 

“He said congratulations, it’s a great honor- a lot of my players have gone overseas to play basketball, but you will be the first to go abroad for a Fulbright Scholarship,” said Ingram.

It was a special year in 2010 for Ingram, as he played for Coach Magee as he reached his 900 win plateau this season and also got his (Ingram’s) first-ever NCAA victory as the Rams picked up an 89-85 overtime win over St. Anselm College on March 13th in the NCAA East first round game.  

“I honestly didn’t ever think it would actually end,” said Ingram.

Ingram and the Rams won 27 games, the most ‘W’s’ in 16 years for a PhilaU men’s hoops team.  The #4 Rams went all the way to the NCAA Division II Sweet 16 round, falling to #2 seed Bentley University in the NCAA East Regional Championship game.

“Looking back on my senior season, I’ll remember all the stuff with Coach, the Post win and our NCAA Tournament run,” said Ingram.

With the book now closed on his collegiate playing career, Ingram plans to continue using basketball in a different capacity.  As part of the Fulbright, scholars are encouraged to integrate with their new community and Ingram hopes to teach basketball clinics at local recreation centers in Argentina.

“Community engagement is an important part of this program, and basketball’s a growing sport in Argentina so I hope to teach local kids the game,” said Ingram.

Maybe the locals can teach Ingram a thing or two, as he plans to upgrade his Spanish from conversational to fluent.  He even had a language evaluation as part of the scholarship application process. 

Ingram’s research project for the Fulbright is entitled “Globalization’s Effects on Intellectual Property Law Mainly Piracy of Pharmaceuticals”. 

An example of what Ingram plans to study, in his own words: “Take a person who has diabetes in Argentina, they could be given counterfeit insulin (unknowingly) and eventually die from it.  This is a big problem there due to the large black market in pharmaceuticals.  I’m planning on getting in touch with politicians, lawyers and marketing research firms in Argentina during my time there to gain more insight on this issue.” 

Because of his rigorous schedule as a student-athlete under Coach Magee, Ingram says he’s now prepared to face the challenges of life abroad as an academic all-star. Just this past summer, he balanced five weeks abroad in Spain, a Comcast internship in Philadelphia all the while fitting in time for preseason workouts as he was applying for this internationally renowned scholarship.  It is common for Fulbright Scholarship applicants to prepare for several months before submitting their application to the committee.  Ingram did his in six weeks. 

“I just had so much going on, so as soon as I got back from Spain I got on the ball with my application,” he said.

When asked about obstacles he may face on during his stay in Argentina, Ingram’s wide grin turned serious.

“The food,” he said.  “I love to eat, but in Spain, all they had for breakfast was coffee and croissants- I’d still be hungry.  I have a feeling Argentina will be similar,” he said.

Ingram credits his family for their support and guidance in achieving his most recent honor, as parents Gerald Ingram and Gail Wilson-both lawyers and older brother Jordan Ingram always let Malcolm carve out his own path in life.   Coincidentally, Jordan was also a collegiate basketball player, graduating from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2007. 

As for now, Ingram will bide his time back at Comcast for another internship before departing for the Fulbright in February or March of 2011 and then hopefully law school in the not too distant future.